Promoting Your Event



Anything is Posh Able!  We not only build events that build relationships, but we also build excitement about your Orlando area event. Let us leverage our creativity and connectivity to elevate your event and help you to reach your event goals - whether they be sales, fundraising, education, or appreciation. We'll design a comprehensive event marketing strategy to ensure the success of your event, including things like:

  • Marketing and Sponsorship Materials 
  • Fundraising, Sponsorship, and Donor Engagement Strategy
  • Community Partnerships and Alliances
  • Event Website, Ticket Sales and Online Strategy
  • Attendee Experience and Communication Plan
  • Social and Digital Engagement
  • Securing Influencers and VIP Guests 
  • Orlando Calendar Sections 
  • Back of Magazine Snap Shots 
  • Media Enagement 


Tips from an Event Marketing Professional

Before you begin planning your event, answer the question "How do you define success for your event and what metrics will track this (attendance, fundraising, sales)?" 

It is crucial that, from an event marketing perspective, you clearly define the target demographic (of your attendees and your sponsors) - and understand  when, where and how they like to be communicated with. 

Your event marketing strategist should work closely with your event planner from day one to ensure your marketing plan is tightly integrated with your event theme, content and messaging.  



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